The safest step stool you’ll ever own

Stable Stool gives you a lift where you need it – in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, or workspace. Most importantly, the patented design makes it an incredibly safe step stool to greatly reduce the chance of of tipping and falling off.


Easy Assembly

All Ages

Incredibly Stable

Other step stools are poorly constructed and wobbly. Stable Stool is wildly strong and could probably hold a baby elephant (but don’t try that at home)!

Our Key Features

Forward Projecting Stabilizer

Provides extra stability at the front of the step stool and fits perfectly under standard cabinet toe kicks

Step Gussets

Engineered to provide an incredible amount of support and strength directly under each step

Angled Legs

Both legs angles outward from top to bottom to keep Stable Stool from tipping from side to side

Assembles in Seconds

To reduce our carbon footprint and shipping costs, Stable Stool ships flat, and it assembles in seconds with no hardware and no tools!

Safe For All Ages

We designed Stable Stool with child safety at the core of its functionality. But we also over-engineered it to be more than strong enough for adults. So whether your child is using it to brush their teeth, or you’re using it in your kitchen, garage, or workshop, Stable Stool will get you that extra height you need!

What our customers are saying

Our Story

Years ago when our kids were toddlers, using step stools to reach their sinks to wash their hands and brush their teeth, we noticed (and often heard!) how often they were slipping and tipping off their step stools.

One night while helping our kids get ready for bed my husband, Mark, witnessed our son tipping over on his step stool as he raced to beat his sister to his sink in their jack and jill bathroom. Mark, being a builder and a problem solver, came home from work the very next day with a step stool he had built from plywood that had a forward facing extension that would go under their bathroom cabinet toe kick.

Our kids would go on to use these step stools not only in their bathroom, but in the kitchen as well where they would often help me cook. Mark and I would use these step stools to reach high places in the pantry, to pull the attic drop stairs down and for many other household chores where we needed a lift.

Our kids eventually outgrew these step step stools to reach the sink, however, we all continued to use them around the house as by this point they were a much needed item in our home. As the years rolled by we realized there was no step stool designed like ours and felt it our obligation to introduce this safest and most Stable Stool to the world! We truly hope you and your family will benefit from this unique step stool.

– Safe stepping! Mark and Magen

Stable Stool


The safest step stool you’ll ever own, Stable Stool is engineered to help prevent tipping. For use in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, office, and anywhere you or your children need a little extra height. Get one for every room!

Buy one for each room in the house, and you get free shipping in the continental US if you order 2 or more